Caviarchi Noble Russian Caviar brand image

Caviarchi Noble Russian Caviar brand image

Naturally harvested
100% pure unblended

Caviarchi's closed caviar box

Caviarchi Experience

A celebration of tradition and taste
-since 1818-

Inspired by Fatalioff Caviarchi's pioneering spirit, combined with nearly two centuries of family tradition and dedication to the caviar and Caviarchi’s unique artisanship, Caviarchi delivers an exceptionally well-cured caviar with a hint of mild salinity and a slightly creamy, maritime aftertaste.

As each exquisitely cured egg meets the palate, it sends forth a burst of the aroma of the Caspian Sea and time seems to come to a standstill. Sensation and pleasure overtake everything else, leaving an unforgettable impression.

Caviarchi's opened caviar box

Caviarchi Artisanship

Calling forth the exclusive savor of Caviarchi is a beautiful study in purity and vigilance

From patiently raising sturgeons in pure natural fresh mountain waters to our secret salt blending family craft, these traditions, in combination with our meticulous eye for excellence, bring forth the rich, luxurious flavour that only Caviarchi can deliver.

Nurturing the perfect roe

Nurturing the perfect roe

Sustainably raised in our proprietary farms, Caviarchi Beluga** and Caviarchi Russian Osetra* sturgeons are nurtured for 8 to 12 years. Fingerlings with promising characteristics are hand-tended in our nurseries with patience and reverence, evoking a family tradition of nearly 200 years.

Naturally harvested, Caviarchi Sturgeon roes are then gently collected at the peak of their maturity to produce one of the noblest and purest of caviar the world has to offer.

**(lat. Huso huso) *(lat. Acipenser gueldenstaedtii)

100% pure unblended caviar

100% Pure Unblended

True to Fatalioff Caviarchi’s legacy, only the purest, unblended roes are produced. Caviarchi’ caviars contain only the eggs from a single individual sturgeon at a time, continuously delivering a wholesome, pure and unique savor.

Drawing the flavor of the roe Drawing the flavor of the roe

Drawing the Flavour of the Roe

The distinctive quality and taste of the noble caviar from Caviarchi are descended from our secret art of salt blending, handed down over four generations from father to son.

Caviarchi master salt blenders apply the long-held family practice of a secret salt blending technique to perfectly cure the roes of the sturgeon, retaining the refinement and sophistication that is the hallmark of Caviarchi’s noble Russian caviar.

Caviarchi Heritage


Fatalioff Caviarchi, a man dedicated to exposing the world to the magic that only the purest finest caviar can conjure. His pioneering spirit infused all aspects of Caviar artisanship and pleasure.

A passionate fish expert and a philanthropist, he pioneered the modern technology for extracting the caviar roe from sturgeon along the Caspian Sea region of Astara.  He became one of the most renowned caviar experts of his time, earning the surname CaviarCHI, meaning “caviar nobleman”.  In time, the name became synonymous with the large-scale transformation of commercial sturgeon caviar.

Today, Caviarchi’s grandson, Max Astandoust, and great grandson, Sam Caviarchi Astan, are continuing the family tradition.  Max, founded Seamax Global, and has grown a family tradition into a seafood empire.  Truly fulfilling his lifelong dream of continuing the family legacy and expanding it from caviar to all variety of seafood.

Mr. Fatalioff Caviarchi

Mr. Fatalioff Caviarchi